Beers and Craft Soda

Year Round Brews


Style: Craft Light Pilsner

Availability: Year Round (Draught and Cans)


Classic is a craft light pilsner brewed to drink easy and finish clean. Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Citra hops compliment the crisp quality of the beer with fragrant aromas but no overpowering bitterness. At just 140 calories per can, Classic is the perfect beer to throw back while watching the game.



Style: Bohemian Style Lager

Availability: Year Round (Draught & Cans)

ABV: 4.98%

This refreshing and sessionable lager is golden in color with slightly sweet and biscuity malt notes, bittered with noble hops. We throw in a twist by adding a blend of Pacific Northwest hops to present a subtle citrusy aroma.



Style: India Pale Ale

Availability: Year Round (Draught and Cans)


West Coast meets East with this crisp and clean, tropical, stone fruit, and slightly dank IPA.


Style:  New England Style IPA

Availability: Year Round (Draught & Cans)

ABV: 6.8%

Soft J IPA starts off with a super fruity nose, which is matched with a hazy pour. It hits your tongue with blasts of orange and tangerine, while a delicate bitterness carries through to the finish.  This soft, creamy, y-uicy IPA is proof that words, beer, anything can start with a Soft J…and by way, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.

Juicier than yours?

India Pale Radlers (IPR)

We blend our IPA's with house made sparkling sodas...ahhh that's refreshing!


Style: IPR (India Pale Radler)

Availability:  Draught & Cans

ABV: 4.20%

SPF 50/50 is a light, refreshing blend of IPA and our house brewed sparkling grapefruit soda. Sweet grapefruit zest mingles perfectly with citrusy hop notes, making this the perfect can to take with you everywhere this summer.


Style: Tangerine India Pale Radler

Availability: Year Round (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 4.20%

You don’t have to rub a lamp to make all your wishes come true, just grab the Tangerine SPF 50/50. Native to Tangier, the tangerine is a small, citrus fruit which we’ve turned into a soda and blended with our IPA. The Tangerine SPF 50/50 is the beer you want for riding on a camel to the nearest oasis. When you can’t think straight and everything is a mirage, grab a few of these babies and get ready for magic carpet ride fit for a Moroccan sheikh.


Style: Lemon Lime India Pale Radler

Availability: Year Round (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 4.20%

Our newest SPF may the best one yet! Like the original, sweet citrus zest mingles perfectly with citrusy hop notes. It’s still a light refreshing blend of IPA except with lemon and lime juice! Re-apply as needed!

Seasonal and Limited Releases


Style: Ale brewed with peaches and lactose

Availability: Spring Seasonal (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 5.8%

Peach State is brewed with lots of wheat and a touch of honey malt. The honey malt is accompanied by an addiction of lactose that creates a creamy, slightly sweet mouth feel, that is balanced  by a delicate addition of Loral hops. All that comes together once we add over eight pounds of peaches per barrel. When poured, it smells like home made peach ice cream, and drinks like peach heaven.


Style: Pale Ale brewed with Oranges and Vanilla

Availability: Summer Seasonal (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 5.0%

It’s here again! As exciting as the ice cream man to our inner grade school kid! Orange flavors mirror the citrus notes of Zythos hops, while smooth, sweet, vanilla beans compliment their slight bitterness. Taste like a cold orange creamsicle on a hot summer day.


Style: Oktoberfest Style Lager

Availability: Fall Seasonal (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 5.5%

Back by popular demand. Hasenpfeffer is brewed with classic ingredients from the motherland of bier, including special yeast from a famous Munich brewery. This Oktoberfest is characterized by it’s toasty, nutty, caramelized malt notes, which result in a full bodied brew with a rich copper hue. This beer is perfect for the fall as we transition from the light beers of summer to the robust beers of winter.

Coming Soon!

Dr Root’s Lemon Balm Lager

Style: Lager

Availability: Fall Seasonal (Draught and Cans)

ABV: 4.8%

Brewed as a light German Helles, this refreshing lager has hints of biscuity malts and big notes of lemon citrus, stemming from the fresh lemon balm from the Root House Garden. The finish is clean with subtle hints of mint. Brewed in collaboration with The William Root House Museum. A portion of the proceeds benefiting The Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society. ONLY AVAILABLE IN GEORGIA.

Non-Alcoholic Craft Sodas


Style: House-made root beer

Availability: Year round (Draughts and cans)


Our house-made root beer craft soda makes an amazing float, mixer, or refreshing drink in it’s own right! Brewed with pure cane sugar, this beer proves Red Hare can make ANY kind of beer.


Style: House-made grapefruit soda

Availability: Year round (Draught and Cans)


Our house-made grapefruit soda is perfect to drink on it’s own or as a mixer for your drink of choice! And since it’s brewed with pure cane sugar, it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth with it’s refreshing fruity taste.

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