Brewer’s Blog: Meet Rick!

For the past month Rick, a renowned chef from Curacao, has been working with our guys in the brewery to gain some experience as he makes the transition from Chef to Brewmaster! Rick, originally from Holland, is an entrepreneur in Curacao. He started out as a sous-chef, worked his way to head-chef, opened a handful of restaurants, and is now embarking on a new endeavor. Rick enjoys doing a little recreational brewing and after selling his restaurants last December he decided to open a Caribbean Brew Pub. He began studying at the Siebel Institute of Technology last May, when he decided that he needed some hands on experience. By coincidence he met a friend in Curacao who ended up putting him in touch with someone at Red Hare!

All September long Rick has been learning first hand how to run a brewery operation and how to brew on a large scale. His experience here has not only taught him technical brewing skills, he also learned little things that will help him perfect the layout of his brewery. Rick also got to experience one of the main perks of being a brewer- trying all the beer! Turns out the Gangway IPA is his favorite of the Red Hare Brews.

Rick is returning to Curacao this weekend to with a handful of experience and a head full of ideas as he continues with his business plans. He’s hasn’t narrowed down a name for the pub yet, but he definitely wants it to reflect the easygoing, positive energy of the island. His next challenge will be figuring out the best place to import his ingredients, and this will determining factor in the type of beers he brews. Right now his ideal brew lineup includes an IPA, a Belgian White, a Light Brown Ale, and possibly a Lager.  If all goes well he’s expecting to open in early summer 2014.

We had Rick create a Caribbean inspired cask before he left town that we can’t wait to tap! We wish Rick the best of luck with his Brew Pub and are excited to try his beer!