HOPpenings February 4, 2012

Georgians! We’re making it easier for you to Chase the Rabbit throughout the state! If you live in Augusta or Savannah Red Hare will be hopping into your local watering hole/ beverage store this week! If you see red, it means good beer is near!

The first Rabbit’s Reserve Release Party (try saying that 10 times) of the New Year is upon us! This Saturday Bitter Hearts Double Black IPA will be making its debut! Come celebrate with us at the brewery! We’ve got live music from The Bretheren and delicious sausages and hot dogs from Snap! Franks and Coneys to complement our brews. All your RH favs will also be available on tap including the Chocolate Porter. Can’t wait to see everybody Saturday!

Live Music:

Saturday- The Bretheren

Events this month:

2/6 Cask of Chocolate Porter with chocolate, cinnamon, cherry and Cascabel @ Taco Mac Mall of GA

2/7 Pint Night @ Sidelines Barrett Pkwy during Trivia/Poker. Buy a RH keep the glass! Pint night continues every Tuesday for the month of February!

2/9 Rabbit’s Release Party! @the brewery!

2/9 Winter Beer Carnival @ Atlantic Station

2/14 Hopped up Bitter Hearts Cask @ the Brewery 2-4pm

2/22 & 23 2 Night Pint promo @Big Chow! order Red Hare & take home the glass