January Brewer’s Blog

Today we’re talking to Bobby Thomas (our head brewer) to get some insight on our growth since we began production and to see where the New Year will take us!

We’ve learnt and grown a lot over the past year. Last year was our first full year of production, so we spent a lot of time tweaking our three main brands- Long Day Lager, Gangway IPA, and Watership Brown. Now that we’ve gotten those where we want them to be we are able to focus more on side projects as well as brewing more beer to keep up with the demand! A couple of months ago we got two new 80-barrel fermenters and an 80 barrel bright tank. This has allowed us to pretty much double our production! Although this is great it is a challenge because we have the same amount of employees doing double the amount of work, and we still have to find time to drink!

Over the past year we have also begun canning our beer! The canning processes is monotonous and requires a lot of attention but we are stoked to be the only brewery to can craft beer in Georgia. This really sets us apart from the other local brewers during this time when local microbreweries are multiplying.

As the New Year approaches we are excited to continue expanding upon our success. We hope to double our production this year by rounding out the state as far as distribution. Our goal is to be in some of the surrounding states by the end of the year! Soon we will have Watership Brown in cans, which is the last of our three main brands to be canned! Once we’ve got all the cans into the market we may consider bottling bombers of our Rabbit’s Reserve beers, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Another thing we’re pumped about going into the New Year is starting a barrel aging program! This will be a lengthy project but we absolutely can’t wait!