Marietta: The Gem City

In January, Red Hare introduced its latest mainstay beer, Gem City Classic – the craft beer that’s just a “Hare” lighter. As a lager, Gem City Classic is definitely a classic style of beer. But why is Gem City in the name? “We named Gem City Classic as a salute to Marietta,” says Roger Davis, Red Hare Founder and Managing Partner. “I remember driving down to Atlanta with my parents as a child and seeing a sign on Highway 41 that said ‘The Gem City’ – it’s a reference to a classic nickname for Marietta.”

At the end of the 1800s, Marietta – which was expanding rapidly due to railroad construction – wanted to get travelers driving to Florida to stay the night in their beautiful city, and coined the name “Gem City” – a reference to it being a “gem” in the south. The nickname was so well-known that it even made its way onto Marietta Police uniforms!

A railroad brochure from the time of the Gem City campaign proudly says that Marietta has a just-right climate, historic scenery and is perfect as a “summer resort”. It calls Marietta “one of the prettiest little cities in all the Southland… well deserv[ing] the classic title of ‘The Little Gem City of Georgia.’”

Red Hare is proud to carry the Gem City name and the history of Marietta on into the 21st century. By making the new Gem City Classic, Red Hare has ensured that Marietta’s status as the Gem City of the South is well-known for a long time!