Pipes in Place

Everything is coming together quicker than ever as we approach our initial brew on our new equipment.  Vent stacks have been placed for our kettle as well as our boiler.  Pipes are hanging everywhere- Glycol pipes, hot liquor pipes, steam pipes, electrical conduit, auger pipes, filtered water pipes, but most importantly- pipes to pump precious beer through them.  We finally got our big stainless steel hopper hung over the mash/lauter tun.  We finished up painting the tasting room walls and bar today.  Just need to finish up the floor and add keg taps.  Can’t wait to welcome our first patron once we open the tasting room.  I’m digging the black and grey colors we’ve got going on there.  I’m gonna keep chasing this rabbit now………..

Did I mention I’m scared of heights?  🙂