Red Hare Expansion 2015


Red Hare’s 2015 Expansion is in full swing! Check back regularly to see what we’re up to!

The Plan:
To increase size of current facility by about 4,000 square feet and make room for new equipment which will double our brewing capacity! New equipment will include a larger brew kettle, larger fermenters, and a 40- head canning line.  Improvements to the tasting room, private event area, and patio too! 

The Progress:

Our new behemoth canning line has arrived and is being installed. We are working on some test runs, but will hopefully have it up and running by October!

IMG_3291 IMG_3585

New outdoor/indoor bar is installed and the new brewing system is up and running! With a few more adjustments to the tasting room and our new canning line set up, we will be nearing completion!

IMG_3235  IMG_3583

July 27th:
We’ve started to build our new main bar! We’ll be able to service both inside and outside from here, so this should result in less lines! Our old taps will serve as an over flow bar on days we get super busy.


July 20th:
We’re saying goodbye to our old 40 bbl fermenters, and our 20 bbl brew house, and are getting ready to ship them to their new home at Florida Keys Brewing Company!

IMG_3005 IMG_3036  IMG_3038

July 13th:
We’re still moving tanks around and getting our new brewing system set up. We figured the best way to get familiar with the new equipment was to drop one of our brewers inside the new brew house….

IMG_3042 IMG_3044

July 6th:
Here’s the start of our new QA/QC Lab and break room that will be in the back corner of the new brewing space.


June 29th:
Getting the tanks and brewhouse here was half the battle. Now that they’ve each found their spot on the brewery floor we’re working diligently to get them all hooked up so we can actually play with our new toys! We hope to have them up and running in the next couple weeks!!

IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2519

June 22nd:
THE NEW TANKS HAVE ARRIVED! The day we have been waiting for finally here! It took all day to unload these tanks, and we held our breath as we watched millions of dollars of equipment dangle in the air from a crane before being gently dropped in to place in their new home.

IMG_2438   IMG_2449

June 15th:
Meanwhile, in the tasting room we’re getting ready for SB 63 to take effect! Making new chalkboard menus and signs displaying our new tour and tasting options! Starting July 1st our hours will be 5-8pm Wednesday-Friday and 2-4pm on Saturdays. We will offer a “on site” tour for $10 including souvenir pint glass and 36 ounces of beer samples. We’ll also have 2 “to go” tour options: 1) 6pack or BYO 6pack to go for $10 2) 22 oz Bomber or 64 oz Growler to go (prices vary).

IMG_2371  IMG_2515

June 8th:
The calm before the storm!! This is the official “before” picture – this building will never look so empty again. Now we’re just awaiting the arrival of our new equipment and we can put a door on this place.


June 1st:
The floors have been laid! Doesn’t sound super exciting, but it was a really neat process to watch! First they poured out an 1/8 inch of epoxy and let it settle.  Later they threw sand overtop to texturize. They used this crazy sand blower and wore fancy/makeshift spiked shoes. Pretty cool!
IMG_2369  IMG_2370

May 25th:
What started as a giant whole in the side of our building magically transformed into a giant garage door! This door will be wide open during our tour & tastings so you can drift in and out with ease. The small window to the left will be where our new bar goes! The bar will serve both inside and outside- either walk up to the window from the patio through the garage door to the inside bar!

IMG_2318        IMG_2516

May 18th:
Mid-action shot of the roof going up! No skylights included in the plan for this building.


May 11th:
Walls, steel, and concrete; the building’s starting to take shape! Meanwhile, inside our new merch store is on fleek!

IMG_1886        IMG_1770

May 4th:
When I dig, you dig, we dig. Its messy, but we’re making progress on the new building. Meanwhile, new equipment keeps trickling in! This week we received a new mill and chiller.

IMG_1775 IMG_1777


April 27th:
Getting ready to build a home for our new equipment. This is alongside of our current facility. Once this space is ready, we will receive our new brewhouse and fermentation tanks- doubling capacity!


April 20th:
Bustin’ down walls and laying down cement! The storage building is now attached to the brewery via garage door and sidewalk. Turns out wet cement never gets less tempting to stick your hands in…


April 13th:
Our New dry storage is complete! Empty cans and boxes will soon fill this room. Now onto the next building.

IMG_1463   IMG_1464

April 6th:
Walls!  This week we’ve put up some sheet rock, and we’re starting to get a better feel of how the tasting room is going to be laid out! Pictured on the left will be the new merch store area. Behind the wall (pictured right) will be our private event area, game room, and over flow bar that will be separated from the rest of the room by giant sliding barn doors.

IMG_1381   IMG_1380

March 30th:
We’re still working on the restrooms, (exciting stuff…) but now there are some walls and  new tile has been laid. More to come on these guys.


March 23rd:
The weather has finally cooperated enough to start grading one of the new buildings going up behind out current facility. This will be our dry storage area.

19792_10152645237421949_2264619003155201604_n   _MG_5492

March 16th:
We knocked down the conference room wall to further open up the tasting room! New AC ducts in place and ceiling painted black.

IMG_1067     IMG_1065

 March 2nd:
We received a box of live ligers!! Just kidding- its a centrifuge. This machine uses centrifugal force to help us produce a clearer beer.


February 23rd:
We’ve knocked out the bathrooms in preparation to double them in size! 

IMG_0635     IMG_0633 

February 16th:
We’re raising the roof! We’re removing the drop ceiling, giving us several more feet of vertical space. 


February 9th:
Steel beams have arrived and we are waiting for the weather to get warmer to start construction on the new brewhouse!