Saison Release Delayed Until June 9

It’s all about the beer. Unfortunately, we have to make a change of plans for our much anticipated June 2 release of Rabbit’s Reserve #3: Saison. The Belgian yeast we are using is experiencing a slower than predicted fermentation. We have tried everything in our power to nudge this along, but it will be another week before it is ready to serve to you, our beer loving friends. We know you’d rather wait than rush the beer and have it turn out less than it should. We will be releasing the Saison on June 9.
We know some of you had plans to come out on June 2 – but don’t fear, we’re turning that day into a pre-release party. We’re working on lining up live music and maybe a food vendor. In lieu of this short notice, we will have all pint glasses at $5 on June 2. Come on out to enjoy all we have to offer and remember we’re dog and kid friendly!