The Brewhouse is Here!

After much anticipation, we finally received our shiny new 20 barrel brewhouse today.  Via truck from British Columbia, we unloaded the mash/lauter tun, brewkettle, hot liquor tank, CIP system, and two 40 barrel bright tanks.  A big thanks goes out to Specific Mechanical for working so hard to get our system made and shipped out in such a short time.  So far everything looks great.  We’ll be busy for a few more weeks trying to piece everything together and hopefully start brewing test batches.  We’re also almost done with the tasting room and bar.  Looking forward to having plenty of great beer for everyone to come and sample.  Now we’re just waiting on a couple more government approvals and then we’ll be under way.  Hopefully just another month or so until you see us in your local watering hole……..