You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers! If we haven’t covered it here, e-mail us at info@redharebrewing.com, cheers!

Q: Where is your beer available?

A: Our beer and soda is distributed across Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and the Florida panhandle and can be found in major grocery chains, large package stores and supporting bars and restaurants.

Q: Which of your beers are available in stores?

A: We package all our year round (Long Day Lager, Gangway IPA, Gem City Classic Craft Light Lager, and both SPF 50/50) and seasonal beers which can all be found in 6-Packs. We also offer a Variety 12-Pack with a mixture of our brands. To stay up to date with our seasonal and drop in beers, keep an eye on our On Tap section.

Q: Do you sell any beers in bottles?

A. No, we have always been dedicated to cans only.  Cans are not only better for the quality of the beer, keeping sunlight and oxygen out better than glass, but they are better for the environment.  As more and more places discontinue glass recycling, aluminum is infinitely recyclable.  You can also bring cans with you to the pool, beach and golf course where glass is forbidden!

Q: Are dogs allowed at the brewery?

A: Yes! Dogs are very welcome at the brewery as long as they are leashed and  kept away from production areas.

Q: Are children allowed at the brewery?

A: Yes! Anyone under 21 is still allowed at our facility and on our tours, they simply can’t sample any alcohol.  We offer our home made root beer and grapefruit sodas to anyone too young for beer!

Q: Do you serve food at the brewery?

A: No, sadly it is against GA law for us to sell food at the brewery but you are very welcome to bring in outside food to enjoy during our tastings. We also have food trucks on site most weekends and special events! Check our Facebook page for upcoming trucks and events.

Q: Can I take home beer from the brewery?

A: Yes, you’re allowed up to 288 oz. of beer per customer, per day (that’s four 6-packs of 12 oz. cans). Need to get more? Bring some friends! If you’re looking to order a keg, you must go through a local liquor store in your area that carries our beer. We are happy to help you find a liquor store, just drop us an email at info@redharebrewing.com. 

Q. Are your root beer or grapefruit sodas alcoholic?

A. No!  Both our craft sodas are completely alcohol free and contain pure cane sugar for sweetness, no artificial sweeteners!

Q: How can I buy a keg of your root beer?

A: Our root beer is available through any keg-selling liquor stores in our distribution footprint, simply give them a weeks warning to order the keg from our distributor partners.  If you need help finding a retailer, send us an email at info@redharebrewing.com and we’ll help you out. We also sell 6 packs of root beer directly from our Tap Room!

Q: I’m having a private party, can you donate beer to it? Or can we buy beer directly from you at wholesale pricing?

A: No, sadly we cannot donate or sell beer directly to the public.  In the state of Georgia, there is a three-tiered system for alcohol sales.  By law, we’re required to sell our beer to wholesalers, who in turn sell the beer to retailers who can then sell to the public.  This means we’re unable to give or sell any beer to private groups, you’ll have to work with our retail partners!

Q: Can I book the brewery for a private party or corporate event?

A: Yes! Please visit our private events page for pricing and more details.  Requests can be submitted online, by phone or to events@redharebrewing.com.