We keep brewing on….

As hopes of a certain city working closely with us on a building dies, other cities and buildings have popped up and shown some great potential.  The search goes on and every day we seem to get closer and closer to the final site.  While building negotiations are under way, we still have plenty of other things to fill the days.  Getting in touch with potential distributors, packaging, equipment, licensing, zoning, marketing, and potential label designs are just a few of the things we face every day now as the time to make final decisions draws closer and closer.  Of course, we keep brewing on as well.  Just pulled off a new recipe that has a deep caramel character with a slight nutty overtone.  While that conditions, we’re in the process of lagering a new pilsner recipe.  Both smell great and hopefully we can share some with our friends soon.  Next week we’re off to the Craft Brewer’s Conference in San Francisco, California to meet up with fellow craft brewer’s and hopefully finalize many of these difficult decisions we are currently facing…….