Whabbit Wheat Cans filled and Construction Continues


Whabbit Wheat Shoot-22

Last week we canned our spring seasonal Whabbit Wheat which means soon you’ll be able to enjoy this Wheat Ale loaded with peaches and apricots wherever your go all spring/summer long! We want to see where you take our cans – be sure to tag us in your photos and use #WherestheHare


Tasting room construction continues… Last week we tore down the wall that used to host the conference room and cubicles and painted the ceiling black. The room looks so much bigger!! This week we’ll be tearing down the bar and starting to frame the new walls for our private events area.  We’ve also begun grating the area outback which will get us ready to begin construction on the new building that will hold our new brewhouse!


The Red Hare Tennis League is back for the Spring! Registration runs March 23- May  22, and the league begins play June 1. Sign up Here