Yes We Can

Red Hare was the first craft brewery in Georgia to can their beer. Now we have another first- we are the world’s first brewery to launch evercan™,  a new certified high-recycled content aluminum can.

Evercan 1st ed front EverCan 1st ed side

Our evercan™ aluminum can body is made of a guaranteed 90% recycled content. More recycled material means less energy goes into the production of the can. The result:

  • 72% less CO2 emissions (compared to glass bottles)
  • 22% less CO2 emissions (compared to ordinary cans)

More information on the evercan™

People always ask us why we chose to can over bottling; here are a few reasons.

Red Hare Brewing - cans



Our Footprint: We want to keep Mother Earth happy. Compared to glass bottles aluminum is easier to recycle, weighs less, and takes up less space allowing more fuel efficient shipping. 

Tastier Beer: Cans are opaque and have a tighter seal which keeps light and oxygen out better than a bottle, thus preserving the freshness and overall quality of the beer inside.

For Folks On the GoCans can travel! To the beach, pool, lake, golf course, music festivals, tailgates…you can pretty much take them everywhere!

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